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Personal Spa (Ayurvedha Treatment)

Plan your spa vacation with Satya Wellness

Spa vacations are the best as they bring in the fun of vacation while calming your nerves to bring out a new self out of you. Satya Wellness offers you the best spa vacation experience with massages, herbs and several other activities in luxurious interiors right in the lap of nature. With our expertise in ayurveda, we give personalized care for physical, mental and spiritual healing. Our holistic approach sets us apart from other spa centres as our therapy is inclusive of yoga, meditation, gourmet meals and accommodation with the most scenic view.

Relax and unwind with a touch of Ayurveda

Satya Wellness has a team of seasoned therapists who have a meticulous understanding of ayurveda to provide you the best care and service. We take expert medical advice and guidance from qualified doctors to select the right set of techniques and specific therapy suited to your physical attributes. We use 100% natural, organic products to enrich your health and help you relax by enjoying luxurious massages, facial, body and beauty therapies. So, look no further for that perfect spa vacation you were yearning for!

Authored By : DR.S.MANI