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The yoga retreats in Kerala are famous across the world due to world-class yoga sessions and ayurvedic treatment. There is an influx of people coming to the East to learn Yoga from its birthplace for mental, spiritual, and physical discipline. Satya Wellness offers traditional as well as modern techniques of yoga with ayurvedic consultation. With Homa therapy, detoxification, and rejuvenation therapy, we assure to provide authentic yoga training by focusing on inner peace and happiness of a person.


Kalari or Kalaripayattu, is a fierce and powerful martial art with its roots firmly in Indian spirituality and myth. At Satya Wellness, we train you in the noble art of Kalari focusing on self defence, yoga and meditation as well as therapeutic ayurvedic massage. This martial art form not only improves fitness and flexibility but also sharpens your concentration levels. We help you explore different stages of Kalari from fighting with wooden sticks to training for battle with sword and shield. We also take special interest in training women for special self defense techniques to fend off larger, stronger attackers. Master your energy with Kalari to attain self-control and overcome life’s difficulties.


The great waves of Varkala have gained tremendous popularity for surfing for all ocean lovers. Due to this, the coastline offers surf festivals and workshops throughout the year, making us a great choice for beginners to catch their first wave. Satya Wellness offers a good surfing experience customized for both amateurs and professionals. A day spent with us can never go wrong as it is a heaven for all those who love surfing, strolling along the long coastline, playing beach volleyball, and relishing the exquisite seafood.

Authored By : DR.S.MANI